10 Girls You Will Fall In Love With

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Everyone loves certain type of a girl. Some like blonds, some like mature women, some like darker women, some like skinny girls and others prefer voluptuous contours. The bottom line is, there are many different preferences but some type of women stand out. As I promised here I present you with a list of 10 women you might fall in love with.


1. A girl like Justin Bieber – Guys, do you know that moment when you are sixteen and you really want to kiss your male best friend? No? Me neither. This is not your cup of tea then. Moving on.


2. A girl like Emma Watson – If you like to be in a gender-neutral relationship this is it. This means that sometimes she is a spankee and sometimes she is a spanker. Be ready to be washing dishes and vacuuming while she is out with her friends. Some guys love to be dominated.


3. A girl like Kim Kardashian – This is for the guy who likes that feeling when driving around in a fancy car, previously owned by all of his friends but he was the that managed to rear end it unable to pass it on to another one. Now he is stuck with a kid named after a cardinal direction. Wait a minute!


4. A girl like Kirsten Dunst – Some guys like when the girl looks like a total white trash but somehow she is a triple master degree from Standford. When you take her out for dinner she picks the wine and rumbles about Cheatuex de Blabla le Blabla and you are sitting there totally emasculated but somehow turned on.


5. A girl like Naomi Campbell – You like the beating, she likes the beating, you love the coke and she loves the coke. Perfect match. Who needs Tinder?


6. A girl like Hillary Clinton – You want that girl who cites Kissinger. Somehow it turns you on. You also need a girl who will forgive you when you go tomcatting around with your assistant or whoever. You get turned on by the girl that thinks sex is a special occasion; like a birthday gift. You want that girl who makes you watch House of Cards. You want that girl that beats you every time you play scrabble.


7. A girl like Jen Selter – You’re all about that ass but…butt? Butt. Baby got back.


8. A girl like Taylor Swift – This girl is mostly for the guys who were born in Nashville. Also if you are a ginger Brit is very likely that you have a crash on girl like this but you get rejected. Tough luck.


9. A girl like Britney Spears – The only reason you continue doing her because of her former glory. Nevertheless, this is something you cannot deny yourself. You prefer girls whose best years are long gone but there is something about that insecurity and mental issues. You also do not mind when a girl occasionally shaves her hair. When it comes to sexual role play you go nuts (deep) when she pretends she is still a virgin.


10. A girl like Jennifer Lawrence – You are crazy about almost good looking, naturally sexual, (cum slurping) girl next door. She is that girl that did not really stand out but somehow some of her naughty photos got passed around among your friends and one day they ended up in your phone. That was the day you fell for her... You love that combination of ordinary girl and perverted mind.


11. A girl like Margot Robbie – This is a girl that every man will envy you. You want to bring your girl to a party and make every woman in the room feel obsolete. You like your Ferrari and golden Rolexes but you feel incomplete. You feel alone on the golf course. Yep, if that is the case this girl will make you go bonkers.



Excuse me for this incredibly sexist article and also for the fact that race is not proportionally represented. Note, that is was written with a sole intention to entertain. I hope the outrage enthusiast get the irony. If not feel free to go fuck yourself.