Coolest Bikes for (non) hipsters

Have you ever felt the urge to ride the town on the supercool, hipster-urban city bike? Not yet? After reading this article, you will. 



Dutch brand that offers pretty wide range of bikes, from racing to electric ones. They even manage to keep pace with the current trends and are following the hip culture offering vintage looking pieces. This is our selection from their current collection. The one in the middle an electric bicycle, produced in collaboration with Bosch. 



Tetro Bikes

Slovak company that offers a cheaper alternative. They pimp up authentic models and give them the temporary cool and polished look while preserving the vintage feel. 



 Olmo Bikes

Argentinian bikes with a cool vibe. The "Mercedes" of the bike industry has to follow the trends, so they created modern models with authentic elements playfully incorporated into these retro designs.




Cheetah Bikes

If you are craving some juicy colours, than you should go for a bike made by this German company. Or even if you love the monochrome looks, this is the way to go.




Another bike brand from Slovakia. This one focuses on the production of new models with the vintage feel though. Cute designs, lovely colour combinations and authentic details made us fall in love with their bikes.


Title pic: Egriders