Laura Theiss: Knitwear with its own DNA

If you consider knitwear a material suitable only for winter, you cannot be more wrong. Laura Theiss and her designs prove knitwear is for summer too and she does it in a very chic fashion.

Laura graduated from one of the most prestigious fashion universities - Central St. Martins in London. Her career started off with a few orders even before models were actually produced. After showing the collection in Paris, things picked up from there.

The signature crochet lace, plated cable knits and printed knitwear patterns combine traditions with modern edginess. With the use of yarn, cashmere and wool blends, Laura creates playful and light knitwear designs with outstanding execution: The best thing about knitwear is that I can design my own fabrics and shapes, and scale them just with a simple needle. I can work without patterns or drawings and change things as I knit. The results sometimes are unpredictable as knitwear can be worn in many different ways – and that's the best thing about it!” Although the creative process happens to be spontaneous, behind every collection and each design, there is a story and a muse.


In Laura’s case, the unusual mix of traditions, Far East and Sci-Fi movies, play the important role in developing a unique designer approach. Ex Machina film and human anatomy are dominant theme in the latest collection: I looked at anatomy in general to create crocheted elements imitating the abstract shapes of human cells, and crocheted fractals directly inspired by the fractal properties of internal human organs, while also transforming the structure of the DNA double helix into knitted cables. I explored the romantic and feminine side of the human and android body via cascades of floral crocheted elements,“ explains Laura.


Travels are also a huge source of inspiration for Laura:  When I am travelling around the globe, I do not usually go to museums, but I'm far more interested in the real city life. I enjoy walking around, exploring local markets, talking to people, taking pictures and, of course, visiting some thread and fabric shops. The design ideas come from my seasonal inspirations and then I translate the ideas into the knitwear.” Urban stories and real life experience are transmitting into powerful designs that may look feminine yet were designed to empower, to steal the spotlight. Literally. Signature DNA dress glows in the dark! Pretty impresive, huh?


Rare combination of traditional craft with a futuristic influence manages to produce diverse garments. At this moment, Laura works with a few private clients and her designs are available in selected stockists in Germany, Italy and Monaco. In addition, she’s planning to open an online store in the future. So keep an eye on her Instagram and Facebook for more updates!