Are you a vegan? Or do you only eat raw? Are you paleo? Perhaps you go organic all the time. But Dada & Matúš are Dobrožrúti (Goodeaters). What the f is that? It is very interesting way of being that concerns with what you eat, ecology and basic lifestyle habits. Are you satisfied with the answer? No? Learn more about “Goodeating” below.

Goodeaters were born around 3 years ago (no, not Dada and Matúš but their lifestyle) with developing their own eating pattern based on a few specific diets. It all started a few years before though, when Dada, the prettier half of Goodeaters, was on a gluten-free diet. She never enjoyed eating meat and after a few other health issues, she decided to avoid dairy products (including cheese and butter). She started to live a vegan life. Matúš, the bearded half of Goodeaters, comes from a “carnivorous“ family. Despite this fact, he decided to join Dada and give her diet a try. Surprisingly, he adapted to the diet well enough so he continued in veganism.

The couple soon tried many diets including raw, strict veganism and other, yet they were still missing something. So they decided to create their very own diet and gave it a name “Goodeating.“ Goodeating avoids meat and all animal products (except honey and organic free-range eggs), all dairy products, refined sugar and its products. „Goodeaters were born as we lacked specific nutrients as we conformed to other “already established” foodcults. We enjoyed eating raw food, yet we really missed warm meal during cold winters. However, we cannot call ourselves vegans as we use honey and eat eggs from time to time. Also the thing all of those diets have in common is they do not care about sugar, but we do! So we just took the good part of each diet and created our own eating patterns,“ explains Dada. Add some spirulina and other superfoods and you have perfectly balanced diet (according to Goodeater docrtine).


Does that sound monotonous? Matúš says it is very simple to experiment and be creative in the kitchen, the diet gives them freedom in coming up with new recipes. You can check that out on their blog, where you can currently follow their recipes from the main courses to smoothies or desserts (all of them are in Slovak but go ahead and translate through google).

Talking about desserts, you can find their homemade creations in a few hip places in Bratislava. We at GN are total opposite of Goodeaters, yet we could not resist and tried a few of their cakes. We experienced natural rich flavours that reminded how cocoa and walnuts really taste. And it really satisified our sweet tooth! 



  • You do not eat/like meat

  • You do not mind dropping dairy (butter and cheese(cake) included)

  • You want to avoid refined sugar

  • Nuts are your life

  • You can’t get enough of fresh veggies and fruits

  • You love honey, coconut sugar, vegetal milk and other products

  • You are on a gluten-free diet

  • You need to change your eating habbits