Sneak peak into New York’s Art World

Who wouldn’t want to experience an experience, a true Gatsby’s style atmosphere ! In the place where art, luxury and millionaires meet, hundreds of people came to see finest masterpieces but also modern paintings by emerging artists, all waiting to be purchased. TOP 2 New York’s art fairs took place nowhere else, but Manhattan.

Spring Master’s grand opening for very important people (us too) took place at NY  Museum of Armory. World’s top leading dealers and galleries were exhibiting the most notorious pieces by Monet, Renoir, Breton, Kandinsky, Dali, Warhol and even vases from Hercules era. Just so you can imagine the price. New York’s art fairs are popular among Hollywood’s actors so if you were lucky enough you could meet Adrien Brody and Robert de Niro who were trying to sold some of their own paintings too and Leo DiCaprio haven’t missed the show either!  Apart from them, regular millionaires were there.

Live music and champagne were just perfect components to fill up this exclusive atmosphere. We fell for snack bites from the best cuisine of the City, as we always do for food. Although we didn’t buy anything (no wonder), this special opening was the greatest event we could experience so far.

Next in line was the most famous art fair out there Art Miami, launched modern artwork in New York for the second time. Whole warehouse Pier 94 was covered in various contemporary art pieces  by more than 1000 emerging artist, from Wesselman, Rauzier, Warhol, Cattelan and more.


The place was maze built of booths with art wherever you looked, but most importantly the bar with high-end liquor was stationed right in the middle to refresh fair’s guests. Every year the world’s art fairs are just piling up with more art to see, buy, and sell.It is becoming a destination for not only art enthusiasts but celebrities, and other established individuals as well. We hope to see you at the next big fair.