Summer in hair

Let's find the coolest hairstyles for summertime!

1-  xxs haircut: it's also called Ruth Bell mood. It's a very short haircut may be super blond that takes inspiration ( and the name too) from young model Ruth Bell. Her "shaved head" is so trendy and practical!

2- Micro fringe is the way! Let's go back to the 90's and to the grunge's mood!


3- Colorful hair: pink, baby blue, grey, white are now super chic! I'd love having dyed my hair pink, but I've got curls and I think it wouldn't be a great idea!

4- Soft beach waves: super soft hair decorated with a flower or a jewel decorum.


5- Fishbone braid is perfect during the day and also during the night for a super elegant and chic look!

6- The bun! You can go for a half bun or a normal bun. It's really comfy, casual and trendy!