Acai - Magic cure or overpriced fruit?

Acai is a fruit with origins from Brazil. It's has a dark violet color, looks similar to grapes, but tastes more like a red wine. It grows on palms. Lately we can listen a lot about its extraordinary impacts to our health. But is it really a fantastic general cure - which should make our immunity stronger, help with high pressure, heart and vessels or even with digestive problems? Or is it just a simple fruit very similar to the more common, accessible and of course cheaper ones?

Acai from zero to hero:

Companies selling the products made of acai are even claiming that the products contain an incredible amount of antioxidants, but what is the truth? Most of the berry is a nub, so just around 15% of the fruit is edible. That makes it not only rare, but even quite exclusive and expensive enough. For example in Central Europe, only products made of acai are usually available, which have much less nutrients than the fresh berries. Those are usually accessible only at the places where acai palms are growing – in Amazon Rainforest.

Back to zero:

When the myths about this super fruit started to spread, even the studies started to try to confirm the myths. That was the time to make the super fruit just a fruit. The super attributes became just attributes, similar to the usual pomegranate or blueberries. As mentioned before, the companies making acai products write about extreme amount of antioxidants that acai should contain. Ordinary cinnamon has more. At least for our part of the world, that's much more available and affordable. The sellers are also claiming that acai is very good to eat, when trying to loose weight. The scientist of World Health Organization did not confirm this statement. They did otherwise, they found out it contains high share of fat and calories.


Therefore it is recommended for people dedicated to fitness or body building, since it can improve the persistence and supply the needed energy and strength. The fact that Acai does contain a lot of antioxidants, we can't take either, but it is worth it to consider if it's better to invest to an exotic fruit or to settle for something more usual and natural for our health and fitness, like previously mentioned blueberries and cinnamon.