Drunkorexia: Worse than anorexia?

Nowadays, when we are witnessing many eating disorders, new phenomenon is on its rise. Fight against mental anorexia and bulimia is notorious, but this is something different. Clubbing, drinking and cult of body have become part of today’s society. How can we defeat something like Drunkorexia?

This modern age is influencing us relentlessly. Magazines, movies, social media. We can’t avoid its impact on our behavior. Likewise we follow fashion trends. We get inspired by music, paintings, and new designer collections or make up editorials, but also by lifestyle of majority of showbiz industry. We can see it everywhere- celebrities partying, having “great” time with friends and looking awesome at the same time. How is it possible? Drunkorexia is the answer. This non-medical term refers to self-starvation, in order to be able drink more alcohol but not to gain weight. This is how now young (mostly women) think. The phenomenon has been also noticed among men, but from different reasons. Their main intention is to save money to buy more booze. In both cases, this starvation can be compounded by fact, that with empty stomach, you get drunk faster. This trend is commonly observed mainly among college students. University of Missouri held a study in college environment and found out, that 30% of female college students admitted they have restricted food so they can consume greater calorie amount from alcohol and be able to control they weight. In addition, according to this study, 67% of students avoid eating in order to prevent weight gain and 21% to speed up alcohol intoxication. Majority of those people, don’t even realize they perform drunkorexia. It is common belief that student life is naturally connected with this kind of lifestyle.

The combination of drinking such a great amount of alcohol and self- starvation may result into many physical and psychological consequences. Drinking on empty stomach can cause blackouts and alcohol poisoning. In addition, lack of nutrients contained in normal food while getting drunk will result in body’s retention of minerals and vitamins. This fact may lead to worse concentration and memory, and overall study or work performance. Especially when we talk about women, who are less capable to metabolize alcohol. The most serious issue of it is slow development of anorexia, bulimia and alcoholism in every single human being performing drunkorexia.

Now, it is really necessary to fight against this modern lifestyle popular among youngsters. It is important to know the borders. Stay healthy, but have fun, find the right approach while enjoying youth.