Blueberry pancakes

This time I am sharing with you a very easy recipe that can help during lazy mornings on weekends or days off when there is an enormous taste or need for something delicious and sweet and time saving as well.

Ingredients for app.6 pancakes

3 eggs -115g flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

140ml full-fat milk

Pinch of salt

20g vanilla sugar  

Coconut oil

Canned blueberries

Fresh blueberries

Powder sugar

Separate the egg yolks and whites into two bowls. Whisk the egg yolks together with flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and milk using the freestanding electric mixer until the dough is smooth and incorporated. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt into egg white snow and using spatula add softly into the dough. Heat the coconut oil on a frying pan on a medium heat and spill there one scoop of dough. Controlling the bottom side of the pancake, sprinkle fresh blueberries on the top and turn it onto the other side after a while. Both sides are light brown coloured when they are done. In a small pot heat the blueberries until they start boiling and spill them over your pancakes. Sprinkle them with powder sugar and you can serve with fresh fruit. Which do you prefer more?