Comptoir de Famille

One of the things we love the most is visiting beautiful, special places. However, the place that should be the most beautiful and most special for every one of us is our home. As Winston Churchill once said,
We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.”

A real home is created by happiness, love and memories...and these are exactly what Comptoir de Famille represents. From the own words of the company, their customers break out with a smile every time they walk into their shops. And why is that? Simply because they feel like they are back in the house where they grew up, suddenly overwhelmed by childhood memories.

Comptoir de Famille started as a family business with its origin in a small french town La Tour-du-Pin. It was founded by a brother and sister, as well as her husband. The ideas and designs came from their own shared memories and they established the brand as we know it today in 1992. They were determined to create the atmosphere of family homes, to make products with meaning and memories. Until today, they claim they kept even the original family business model.

The brand's philosophy is very simple. To bring the memories from the past into our modern lives. They do so by creating collections inspired by the pleasant style of old France, while most of their products are handmade. Their collections include not only furniture, but even crockery, decorative items, glassware, household scents and candles. All made to change your house into a cozy and warm home.

Find your nearest Comptoir de Famille and experience the unique atmosphere they create.