Singapore in 3 Days

Last week I was travelling from Shanghai to London. Since I was in Asia for the very first time, I decided to have a layover in Singapore for 2 nights; just to see a different part of Asia apart from China, and explore some more! My first thought when I was driving to my hotel was simply “Paradise”.

I only had 2 nights in Singapore, so I tried planning my program accordingly to see as many places as possible. Here is a recap of the places I have visited; which you must not miss when you’re in Singapore!

On the first day, I arrived late in the afternoon. After checking in at the hotel, after a quick dinner and glass of wine to relax, I decided to wander around Marina Bay.

Start at the Gardens by the Bay; they‘re a must see in the evening, when the light-effects go on. The Avatar-like trees light up changing colors from green to blue, to soft red; just standing under it and watching it change was super relaxing, (not even mentioning the Marina Bay Hotel in the background.) Then, I made my way to bridge towards the hotel, had a glimpse of it from the inside and continued my way towards the Art museum. One of the biggest mistakes I did was not go up to the top of the Marina Bay Hotel and have a look at the stunning view and the famous pool. I guess I will have to go there next time.

From the Art Museum I walked around the bay towards the Merlion statue, one of the most famous sightseeing places in the city. This half-lion-half-fish is basically the mascot of Singapore, and there is one more statue in Sentosa Island.

Day two was entirely reserved for Sentosa Island. Do not forget your swimsuit (and sunscreen)! It‘s best to go on a sunny day so you can fully enjoy the beautiful beaches at the south part of the island. I recommend not to take the tram to move around; use your legs and walk! By strolling around you will discover may more beautiful places and will get the comforting feeling of Sentosa while listening to their happy songs being played all around the island. It is literally one big amusement park with more attractions inside; such as Universal Studios, Cove Waterpark, S.E.A. Aquarium, Dolphin Island, etc. There are plenty of activities for you to do all day, you won‘t want to leave!

After the dinner, I went for a quick walk to Orchard Street. I recommend going in the evening in order to see the streetlights and all the stores light up. It is definitely a shopping experience every girl has to add to her list!

My third day was busy! Starting at Little India in the morning, walking to Arab Street through Bugis, and later moving to Chinatown took me pretty much half the day.

In Little India you need to see 3 places; Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple (pic 2), Sri Perumal Temple (pic 3) and Abdul Gaffoor Mosque (pic 4). It is worth looking into the surrounding shops, get henna tattoos for a low price, or have a quick lunch in some local restaurants (if u like Indian cuisine).

Arab Street was just a short walk from Little India. The highlight of this part of Singapore is the Sultan Mosque and little stores with precise and high quality carpets, as well as many other cloth shops for Arabic women. Bugis is right by this area too, where visiting the street market is a good way to quench thirst with freshly squeezed exotic fruit juices; to buy souvenirs or to have a little snack from the different small stalls.

Lastly I went to Chinatown; definitely try some local Chinese food here, and buy cheap souvenirs for your family and friends. Also visit the Sri Mariamman Temple; Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple. They are very similar to those in Little India, but worth the 10 minute stop.

As my flight was leaving in the evening, I did not have time to explore more. If I had one more morning, I would have gone for a run in the Botanic Gardens, and would have taken a look at the Orchid garden. But time was pushing me and I had to say goodbye to this beautiful little island with many interesting places to see.

So, if you have a layover in Singapore, plan to see these few main places and enjoy your time in paradise!