Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season! It’s so exciting; fashion week everywhere around the world, as well as all the trade shows going on. On September 14th, I am lucky enough that I got a chance to represent Generation Nothingness at one of the trade shows in New York City! The one I attended was held by ENK International, and it was one of the largest trade show in the city!

A Trade show is an exhibition/expo where companies in a specific industry showcase their latest products. The trade show organized by ENK International doesn’t only include apparel, it also includes accessories and jewelry. The brands were from different countries around the world;there were small companiesas well as big, international well-known companies; like Kate Spade.

There were a few colors that I saw there repeatedly. For example royal blue, neutral colors, and white will definitely be it-colors this upcoming season. Denim was very popular there as well; there were many booths showcasing shirts, overalls, as well as just jeans. The upcoming season is going to be one that’s very simple and neutral, compared to very glam.

Various fashion magazines were also present at the show, including Vogue. It was such a great experience and opportunity to attend and learn about the latest trends in fashion; I’m glad I could be part of it!