…for Australians - escape, for Europeans- paradise.

The island of Bali is situated just above Australia, and it used to be the perfect getaway for Australians that wanted to escape the everyday routines of their lives, but didn’t want to travel too far just to reset and relax. It still works like that, but lately you hear the word BALI almost everywhere around the world; Europe, London, Slovakia, Italy, China, etc. Why do you think that is?

Bali is very cheap; the flight is the most expensive part of the holiday, and if you manage to get it at a first or last moment, then there is nothing to discuss. Accommodation in Bali is easy to find, and even the nicer villas are cheap. Lets say that when you get apartment for 2 people with breakfast, 35$ per night is a fair deal. Food is cheap as well; for a main course in a traditional restaurant you pay from 1,5$ to 4$. When paying for a cab, you start thinking whether they drive on air, and when it comes to sun beds, it feels absurd bargaining for better price. To rent a motorcycle, it costs only 5$ per day and a full tank of gas is 3$. Even though cabs are cheap, I would advise you to challenge yourself. Take a motorbike and explore the island.

Bali people are friendly and welcoming. Even if their English is very poor, they are constantly smiling and happy to assist you, especially if they see you’re a tourist. So don’t be afraid, Bali is safe, even late at night.

When on the island of Bali, don't think about the beaches only. Experience the island as a whole, the beaches as well as the jungle. You can book a ride on an elephant, or go to the Safari not far away from Sanur; visit rice, coffee, and tea fields, or their "showrooms"- gardens where they explain and show you examples of everything they do, including their Luwak animals. They usually offer you tastings of their products, and in the store you can buy them for cheaper prices.

Go see their temples and meet the monkeys! Just be aware that in every part of the city, each monkey behaves differently. In the Uluwatu temple, they have the mean monkeys that steal everything they see on you (such as: sunglasses, phone, camera, etc.) then they bargain for food with the stolen items. If you go to the Monkey Forest in Ubud, you find some of the loveliest monkeys ever. Take a couple papaya leaves with you, and they will not let you go. Take the leaf and stretch your hand above your head; monkeys will climb on you, sit on your shoulder, and calmly, eat the leaf.

Sanur- inarea, there is one long beach spreading for a couple of kilometers. The sand is not that white, but the water is nicely still. It's perfect for calming down and relaxing.

Kuta- this is a huge, long, popular beach, but it gets very crowded. Many tourists (mostly from Australia and USA) go there. It’s also good for nightlife with lots of bars.

Nusa-Dua- this beach is known for luxurious hotels all around it. There are some spots also for visitors, but you have to arrive early because in the afternoon the tide takes the water almost entirely away. The sand is pure white, the water is warm and has great waves.

Uluwatu area
Padang-Padang- this is one of the most beautiful, as well as most popular beaches. It’s pretty small, but really cute. Many surfers come here, friendly monkeys are running around all over the place, and there are two tiny local "restaurants" where you can get beer and some pancakes... You have to come earlier as well, because of the tide.

Balangan- The most beautiful beach; when you arrive, it seems like the end of the world. It is beautifully white, surrounded with huge rocks,and covered in trees. Those cute local patio "restaurants" are all in a single line at one part of the beach. Be careful of the tide! It can carry your stuff away, even if you think you’re far enough from the water. The waves there are very big and there is a strong current that can drag you far away from where you entered the water. So go for a swim only if you're a pro or a huge adrenaline enthusiast.

Dream land- similar to Balangan; the name explains itself.

Padang bay- little more up north, on the east side of the island. People go there for snorkeling and diving, so plan a whole day trip. At the northern part you can find sea-salt makers;or you can book a Bali man to take you on a typical Bali boat to experience snorkeling. It is beautiful to see so much beauty under the water surface as well as above; where a volcano hill is watching over you closely.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner they eat the same meals. So what is it they eat? Fried rice and noodles with eggs. It is called nasigoreng andmiugoreng. Goreng means chicken, but you can get it made in different ways;either with seafood or as a vegetarian plate. Then there comes satay, which is meat on sticks made above fire, with peanut sauce. Bali people love peanuts in general, as well as tofu. Be sure to try it, it’s delicious. Fresh juices are a must with every meal; they are cheap and really good. If you like fruit then take your bike and go to the night market in Denpasar. Its open until 5am and you can find fruit there that you have never seen before. The last thing to mention is: don't be afraid of their beer. It is honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever had (and I am a girl from a country where we drink beer on a regular basis).