What we love about the 1930's

Supposedly, we all know the 1930's as the dark times of our history, the times of depression, poverty and desperation. But lets look at the 1930's from a different, brighter angle. Lets discover the greatness of the decade.

With the radio becoming a dominant mass media tool, and film experiencing the Golden Age of Hollywood, there's no doubt that the thirties were the times of new technology. Just the initial year of the decade gave us the first All-Talking All-Color wide-screen movies (Song of the Flame), the Mickey Mouse comic strip, and the FIFA World Cup. Not to mention that we can thank the year 1930 also for legends such as Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood, Neil Armstrong, or Sean Connery.


The art and architecture also weren't far behind. In fact, the Art Deco movement achieved its height in the United States and in Western Europe, whilete the Empire State Building, the world's tallest building, was built and remained at that record for the next 35 years. The landmark was soon followed by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

And now, lets look at our favorite part; fashion, oh yes, fashion. As the public felt the effects of the Great Depression, it wasn't the best time to experiment with fashion; at least many designers felt that way. Therefore, fashion during the 1930's became more compromising, preserving, feministic, and elegant. The 1920's flapper look was pushed away by a longer, sleeker style; it made women look sophisticated no matter what the circumstances were.

The main designers of that era were Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet. Elsa being an Italian designer who started with knitwear influenced by surrealists, and her collaborations included even Salvador Dalí. Madeleine, a French designer, on the other hand found her inspiration rooted in ancient statues and used to create timeless, breathtaking gowns that influenced even today's designers like John Galliano, Issey Miyake, or Marchesa. Madeleine Vionnet is considered to be one of the most influential fashion designers of the entire 20th century.



For Hermès, the luxury goods manufacturer, the thirties were the time to introduce some of its most recognized pieces like the Kelly bag, or the one-and-only Hermès scarves.

And who else do we miss as the legend from the era? Of course, Harry Winston. The American jewelry maker opened his very first store in 1932 in New York.

As for hairstyle, the bobbed flapper haircut from the twenties was also ditched and exchanged for a more modest, short perm. However, the accessories made up for it. Not only that the cloche hats remained popular for some time during the 1930's, but the gloves too! They were the main accessory of that time. Day or night, gloves were a must-have. Also, lets not forget the fashion icon of the 1930‘s. For us, definitely Bette Davis!




Pictures: Wikipedia, vintageadbrowser.com