Mr. Monday has breakfast with tons of gasoline. He wears an inadequate suit, and with the sum of the world’s reports, currencies, and forecasts in his huge cloak. Yes, forecasts... Those are probably the most important of all.

Sitting in a cozy cafe on the 70th floor, he sees fat more than the entire world. The future won't happen without a steaming cup of coffee.At the moment it is holistic and perfect, but as soon as Mr. Monday takes his first sip, the bitterness of lost hope is splashed into his stomach.The illusion of the future is over, and all he is left with is "now". Today he has the power.

Every city in the world fits inside his leather folder. Men, women, children, the subway, parking tickets, traffic lights, fashion accessories,and fast food; everything is united in the eternity of this particular moment.The harmony of all prestige is reflected in the panoramic window of a skyscraper. Luxury and poverty, the best thoughts and minds are merging in with the droning noise of this city... Oh, what a pleasant sound! That is Mr. Monday’s favorite symphony; the mechanism that produces information and absorbs cyber fantasy, his favorite movie.

What a beautiful view! He enjoys the uniqueness as well as the bitterness of each cup of coffee that billions of people drink at that very moment. Today is his day.

Pictures: Julia's archive