ALEX for Generation Nothingness: Theatre extraordinaire

What’s the first question that people ask the author while looking at a picture like this? Neat, so what’s the story behind this one? Well dear observer, there is no answer, I can easily tell you since it doesn’t have a single story. Every person that looks at it sees something different, diverse emotions are triggered, distinctive views are presented, and individual memories are sparked.

What went on in my head while drawing it or thinking about it suddenly doesn’t matter anymore, because the imagination of each and every observer has been provoked and as poison it spreads new saplings and grows; creating new, unique stories and distinct points of view. That is why it is best to leave it open to personal interpretation; so it can endlessly enflame thought and nurture fantasy. Maybe it’s a weird, abstract representation of the theatre extraordinaire, a dream of a child after visiting the circus for the first time; insane mish-mash of images and shapes that are just randomly put together; or just a bunch of ideas from a nostalgic insomniac who had too much sugar, caffeine and nicotine in his body this morning, and some paper with a pen in his hands. It’s up to you to find out what you see in it, or what kind of story it speaks, or if you just comprehend it as a simple decoration and don’t give it a second glance. It´s your choice.


P.S. Share your ideas if you’d like, I would personally love to read them.