Home is where you are

“Home is where a loved one is,” Francesca said. She looked out the window overlooking the picturesque hills, she never liked them despite their charming beauty. “Now I feel it. They say you won't understand it until you fall in love. Life is like an endless road with illustrational goals and the stops along the way in either respectable hotels or cheap motels, until you fall in love.  Some of them are very similar to home; change the curtains and maybe you will live here for a long time as well.” She shivered from the wind... Yeah, some of these hotel rooms promise class, service, and material well-being as a substitute to spiritual harmony. One day you start to think that this is normal life, hand in hand with the fear of change, because subconsciously you know that this is only a temporary stop. Funny yet somehow empty... until you fall in love.

The orange sunset suddenly turned into a purple dawn, as if two parallel fates touched each other. The gust of wind tried to rip out her favorite curtains and carry them far beyond the green hills.