Lingerie special

Some women find their addiction to be sweets, some shoes, others coffee; I have found mine to be lingerie and hosiery. It doesn’t matter how many sets I own, it doesn’t matter that my drawers are full of items I have never worn. Some of them (who am I kidding, lots of them) have still attached tags. It’s a diagnosis, I’m a lingerie addict. That’s why nothing can stop me from looking for new, undiscovered designs that still might fit into my closet. The result of my latest hunt is here.

Angela Friedman

Angela started her career in New York City’s ballet, its influence is easily found in her lingerie, loungewear, and corset designs. The delicate details and shapes empower women’s delicacy but yet remind everyone of their sophistication at the same time. Her vintage inspired lingerie brings back the negligent feel of sexiness from the past decades.

PICTURES: Angela Friedman

Erica M.

You think you’ve seen it all? You are wrong; designs by Erica M. are absolutely exceptional. Starting with the stunningly detailed hosiery, all the way to daring bodies, elements used in every design are created  uniquely and emphasize feminity. The brand is based in New York but all the garments are made in Italy.


Nichole de Carle London

If there were a phrase that perfectly describes this brand, it would be Haute Lingerie. Fine craftsmanship and superior aesthetics create wearable art that can become your private secret. Make your everyday routine special by wearing this luxurious mystery.


PICTURES: Nichole de Carle London

Kayleigh Peddie 

This is a Montreal based lingerie and swimwear brand, which combines vintage glamour with a bit of rockabilly that reminds me of both romantic as well as playful moments. Bold cutouts highlight all the right spots of your body; effortless but sneaky designs will stimulate your fantasy.

PICTURES: Kayleigh Peddie

Feu de Vénus

Probably all women seek for underwear that will make them feel special. This brand plays with magic, the secret is in it’s carefully designed details and a touch of luxury, but most important of all – the harmony between the good and bad of every woman.

PICTURES: Feu de Vénus