Looking for a dry place

When I brought home a demo version of our second album, mom finally stopped pretending that she likes our music and that she's incredibly proud that her son is a rock star.

Waiting to hearthe third track, she said: «I thinkthat good musicis like a handmade blanket. When the melody is as simple as a rectangular shape, but each loop of fabric is filled with emotion and meaning.

»-Then, putting down herknitting, shelooked at me andadded, - «Honey,you're making verygood music.»

Now I think that people, in fact, think just the same.«Man… That one can't be forgotten. So charismatic... like that (good music)».
- So simple on the outside,yet inside so complicated?
- It seems like a yes, but your formula has a little hint of duplicity. I would say that I like humble people with something in their head, but if - for example, a man like that came out of the room with lots of people...
- As ifyou walkedonwet vacuum inside that room?
- You laugh… But when a man like that really goes away...A feeling like you were thrown out to the shore by the raging elements. As if salt water stings your eyes, the room suddenly becomes cold and hard to breathe in. You trying to look around, but you can't find out where the hell your home is. Sometimes I think it's better to stay dry, ‘cause even a nice house will never stand tall on dampland.