Walk and breathe a different air. Not the air we know, but Marrakech, Morocco. Africa.

Walking down the streets you feel more than you can see. Smelling spices, thè, Tajine, all invading the air. You can hear children laughing and see them bare-foot walking through the streets of this incredible city. All those emotions are like a wake up call from a different universe. After a moment of observing and calmingdown, you suddenly begin to understand. Nothing compares to Marrakech; and the best thing? The contrast.

You see women wearing Burqa and on the other side women dressed in western fashion. Converse All Star and Adidas are peeking from beneath long dresses,andLouis Vuitton and Michael Kors bags are probably favourites here! Comparing two different worlds, all women in Marrakech have one thing in common- their hair is always covered. Those who don’t wear Burqua wear a Hijab, in all colors, differentprints and styles… For our “western” society they’re fabulous (making us doubt the lost time we spent at the hairdresser’s). All those colours are perfectly combined with the rest of their outfit. Green t-shirt- green hijab; red shoes- red hijab; dark blue jeans- blue hijab.

I tried to observe all the little details, but the truth is, people were observing me. Thay saw me very differently, just as muchas they were distinct to me. I’m returning from this trip with a luggage full of emotions...

My enthusiasm about the city had not been born in a moment. My first day was quite an adventure in the rain. After I visited the Souq (a big traditional market in the main square), I got lost in a very poor part of the city. I found myself at a market very different from the one I visited before. All the merchants were siting on the floor, with all their stuff for sale. While they peeled the onions a little girl was comparing herself to me. Looking at me from head to toe, she understood the difference between the two of us. Both of us just discovereda foreign, exotic stranger. This moment made mefall in love with the people, city, and with Morocco!