Thought of the day by Mr. GN #1

Apparently a cup of tea might have the power to burn your fat away. Hallelujah! We found the magical cure that will save our civilization from obesity (and related: nothingness).

And yet again, we had to look into the tropical forests and exotic places where, somehow, all the magic substances occur. So - it doesn’t really
matter that you eat up all your 5000 calories at once at McDonlad’s, just drink those specific teas and get slim. Simple as that! Oh yeah, be sure to not forget to buy the book by the author who will then tell you when to drink it (preferably by the moonlight while dancing naked in the meadow or something like that). People want their solution quickly, so let them have it; even if it equals total bullcrap… just don’t make any effort! There,that’s it, Generation Nothingness.