Pimp my home

We’ve all been in this situation; looking for the perfect gift for a friend, for a freshly married couple, or a birthday present for the auntie. Or maybe you’re seeking that little „something more“ to make your new place a real „home“. It‘s not that easy, right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with any struggles you might have. For every budget and every occasion, a unique decor.

If there is something that makes your place a real home, it’s lighting. Forget classic lamps or lights; give yourself a real play with shadows. With lace crochet lighting by Vasilisa Skaska (17€), industrial jar lightning by Vex Decor (51€), or sensual colorful performance by Lampada (160€).

Your apartment is being reconstructed, and you’re thinking of exchanging some older stuff for something that will freshen up the interiors. Knitted blankets in bold colors by Munu Home (55€) will not only give your home a comfy feeling, but will also keep you warm during cold, gloomy days.

Vintage bathroom jars by CindiZs Things (32€) will remind you of hot summer days, and of course help you keep your stuff organized at the same time.

Bring a bit of nature to your household with this clock by Rong Designs (32€) made of real wood. A genuine touch that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your own living room.

What is one of the most common gifts? You would never believe it - cups. In different sizes, shapes, and colors, or in other words: boring! You don’t have to come up with anything else, just make it more special; check out some knitted cup warmer by Eco Magic Studio (6€), funny shaped cups by Studio Lorier (14,5€) or themed ones by Useless 2 Unique (12€).

You know that feeling when you have too many gadgets in your household, and all your cables get mixed up? Woodworks RD easily solves your (or somebody else’s) problem with its wooden charging station&cable organizer (50€). The perfect gift for your boyfriend, brother, or co-worker.

When attending such a happy event as a wedding, you need to think about the perfect gift as well. If you don’t want to end up buying something dull and expensive (like cutlery) think about a personalized wooden sign by Ocean State of Mind RI (8€).