The vast sea of beginning

The sun was gradually sinking into the sea leaving behind cool clouds. A sharp gust of wind carried the noisy gulls to the west. The man on the bank would not budge. He stood there for many years, watching the tides, eclipses, and the full moon; the joy of bathing children and lonely passing ships. Here on the edge of the world, his journey has ended. Here he realized that he had nowhere else to go. Chained to the shore, standing barefoot on sharp stones, he felt fully accomplished. Sometimes the sea brings him new thoughts, strange and dangerous as the rocks near the water, but now something bright flashed in the foam of waves.

A bottle of a strange futuristic substance was thrown at his feet, its pearly surface shimmered with different shades of blue. Sometimes it showed the abandoned city of the Red Planet, but other times a petrified face frozen with a beatific smile. Apparently they caught up with their goal shortly before dying. They lived in the endless quest as hopeless romantics, treasure hunters, lost souls. They sought to extend their path, filling the void simply by waiting. Their future was a stretch of road, illuminated by the headlights of their own cars; then the unknown and fear stopped. Did they think what is better: to be happy and dead or alive and unhappy?

Eager even for a moment to forget about the sea, the man on the shore opened the bottle. It was empty, except for a couple of strange red sand grains on the bottom. He shook the bottle and threw it as far as he could with the disappointment that filled him. The bottle disappeared from sight flashing in the last ray of sunlight, taking that day’s doom along.

The man's sight blurred, but his body felt a wave of lightness, he has become as vast and powerful as the sea that oppressed him all these years. He was released.