The Cup of Happiness (One dude, one cup)

“I do not want to be happy”. - That’s a shocker right? You would not expect me to start this article, or any article for that matter, this way. I must say this was a sudden realization I came to after a conversation with a friend. You must understand I do not want to be miserable. I strive to be happier. But I don’t strive for ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Even if reaching that stage were possible for any human being, I would not want to get there.

Today we have dudes with Ph.D.’s trying to solve the happiness puzzle. They even came up with the economics of happiness and other bullshit addressed to the more of the sophisticated palate. But what the hell is happiness? How would you define it? – “Oh, you know, everyone has its own way of being happy…blablabla.” – You can save this for the boring book club you will attend later this night after you feed your grumpy cat and eat your dinner consisting of packet of low fat cookies and diet coke.

Happiness is satisfaction of your needs and desires. If you do not agree and you look for a more educated definition, (then f@#$ you) you can turn of the computer and light up your oil lamp, open Kant or Nietzsche and start a mental masturbation leaving you wanting more (like a mental sex or something). So why don’t I want to be happy?

I think some humans are programmed not to be satisfied (=happy). This way we can still evolve and get you kids entertained with apple watch and other necessities, driving our kind forwards. Some of us however posses a certain limit that can be reached to become happy. For some it might be owning a Lamborghini, for some lighting a joint, for some having millions of sexual partners, for some passing a mission on GTA and for some becoming Dan Bilzerian (and combining all of the previous together). Achieving these ‘goals’ is like filling a cup – an illusory cup of happiness.

Everyone cup’s is different in size. Filling it whole represents the true happiness because some of us have the capability to be ultimately happy (ask Dan Bilzerian). Some unlucky individuals will never be happy. Their cup always gets bigger and bigger. They never fill their cup and they know it. They are always hungry, always unsatisfied and always want more - not necessarily for themselves but from life in general. And they fail. They fail very often. Yet they go on trying to strive for seemingly impossible, “unhappy” for the rest of their lives. But when they die, I think they die happy man (as in human, no sexism hate). In that very instances their cup fills up because they know they did their best – always wanted more.