10 Reasons Why I Love Girls That Do Sports

...and Are Passionate About Things (other that their Instagram profile pic)

My writing is slowly turning into elitedaily kind of articles with this one here. I am a complex human being that is on some levels as shallow as a plate of gluten-free rice cakes. On the other hand some of my thoughts, needs and desires are of a very deep nature. So deep I can’t even trace their origin. Nor their rational conclusion for that matter. I live my life and observe people. People being mostly women. Women being mostly hot women. I have told you, so shallow…

No seriously, I like to observe and assess people (not asses you sexist pig, read carefully). Assess as in judge silently. Then I come here and I write these pamphlets no one really reads. Just so you know how I operate. Loser.

Why are girls doing sports or any other activity that require physical and mental focus simply better? As you don’t want to read paragraphs full of bullshit and you clearly prefer bullshit summarized, I will just provide a simple list of things.

1. When they are passionate about things they are passionate about you. Translate this into hairy ape (my) language. Good in the sack.
2. They have probably built a solid level of physical endurance. Yes, again a sex related point. As you do not outlast her in bed that easily, guys can finally make use of that Kamasutra app they have downloaded.
3. Sporty girls eat a lot and are not fat. This is a win-win. You can binge eat with her and she won’t pop into the bathroom right after you finish. Neither will she gain weight. I know we are all about plus size now but for those who don’t want to get squashed it’s a relevant point.
4. They are fun. Simple as that. They are. Guys play sports and are fun all the time.
5. They are emancipated. Not in a way that they cite The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. They just know how to deal with things in a direct way.
6. They can lead a conversation on a wider spectrum of topics rather than very niche subjects such as shoes, cupcakes, fashion, party etc.
7. They CARE (about serious things). Yes that is important. The fact that they care enough to play a sport means they are capable of more than just caring about their looks, instagram pics and parties.
8. They don’t mind getting all dirty. Take it as you want.
9. They are CONSISTENT with what they want. This is a very important, if not the most important point. Everyone of us has fallen for that girl who was just too spoiled, too immature, too…oh fuck it. You can clearly tell I am a bitter man.
10. They are more likely to show emotions. Your girl does not show emotions? She has major insecurity issues (I am expert on that, trust me I own a certificate). Help her or dump her.

You ladies who read this I apologize to you (not really). It is a simple fact; if you don’t play a sport or do not participate in any physical activity please do so for your own good. Learn how to be passionate. And yes also do not hesitate to take a shot at me in the comment section down below, which probably won’t happen. Because you have no balls…just saying.