Varsity Project: Not just a shop, a lifestyle

Shopping today isn't only about buying things you need or want. Nowadays it's all about the feeling it gives you. The location, the atmosphere and simply the vibes are just as important as the selection. And the two friends David and Henrich, who stand behind Varsity Project know it damn well. Together they created a clothing label and retail space with a new approach to apparel.


Lets start from the beginning...

When and how did you come up with the idea of Varsity Project?


We came up with the idea in 2013 and basically, the idea rose from conversations about not being able to find a brand that would combine high-quality, fair price and its own style that would be any different from the (non)standards.


What is it that you offer today under your label? 

Our own, Varsity Project products are suits, ties, bow-ties, sweatshirts, t-shirts. And under our concept store – Gentry, we offer various British brands, the famous Globe-Trotter and also Slovak brands like Abideless, Novesta, selection is quite wide actually.

How is your brand different from all the others?

D: I think we are different in absolutely everything. We are different in the way how we present our products, the approach to the clients. We don't think about them as clients, but more likely as friends. I'd say that's the biggest difference – it's as the retail would be secondary and the prime thing is the approach to the client.

What is your mission statement?

D: We are not only a shop, we are a lifestyle.


So what is the lifestyle?

D: If I have to categorize, I'd say classic American prep. Something like the British classic tailoring from countryside but with the city's modernity. We use classic fabrics, classic cuts but always with the modern twist. 


What are your plans for the future?

D: We are working on our own summer collection which will be in the safari spirit. It will be elegant, but outdoorsy, mostly of the natural colors. In the more far future we plan on opening shops in Prague and Vienna.


Who are the members of your team? 

D: The base are we – me and Henrich, the founders. And then in our support team we have an event manager, design consultant, it-specialist, stylist, photographer and also a journalist.


Do know personally every designer you offer?

H: Yes, we do.


Where can we buy your designs?

H: Our concept store Gentry is in Bratislava – Štúrova 10 or you can get them at our online shop -