Mysterious Naples

Napels offers plenty of wonderful touristic places, but generally, most people do not know the most mysterious parts of this acient city. They are mysterious because they are covered in strange and frightening legend.

Underground Naples (Napoli sotterranea)

It's a really big underground route, born as an aqueduct. During the second world war, it was very important to protect the people. You can walk below Naples in all those tiny tunnels that are typical for this beautiful and mysterious place. In fact, there are a lot of legends linked to this place, but the most interesting is the story of the "munaciello". It's a famous Neapolitan spirit that lives below the city; according to the legend this spirit can enter the house of Napoli people and if it likes you, it can leave  some money in your jacket or in the drawers. Otherwise if you are not very sympathetic or you say you don’t believe "munaciello" exists, the revenge is inevitable!

Cemetery of the little fountain (Cimitero delle fontanelle)

It's an ancient Neapolitan whose name’s origin refers to huge water sources in the past. It’s very famous for a particular ritual performed there: adopt a skull of a lost soul in exchange for protection. In fact, the cemetery is full of skulls and all people who visit it has to touch the head to gain luck! The most famous legend is connected to the skull named "Concetta". This skull remains clean in comparison to the others that are always full of dust and stains. The legend says the skull sweats when the spirit is working to realize one grace. In fact, all the people have to put the hand on the head of "Concetta" and make a wish. If the hand gets wet, it’s possible that the wish will come true; but if not, it means that the spirits cannot do anything. Particularly, this skull is seen as a symbol of fertility; it has helped a lot of women to get pregnant.

Castel of the Egg (Castel dell'ovo)

It’s one of the most famous castles in Naples.It is located at a beautiful island in the middle of the sea. It has a great history, as it was an ancient jail, then it became a fortress defending the king from the marine attacks. This place has very important historical meaning, but a very few people know the origin of its name. The name is also connected with an incredible legend. The Latin poet Virgilio, (he was also a magician during the Middle Ages, did you know?), hide the egg that has the power to protect this place and the whole Naples. Breaking this egg means ruining the castle, but also a series of sinister aftermath for the whole Naples. It has not been found yet…


I hope I haven’t scare you off, don't be afraid and come to visit Naples. I guarantee you’ll have a great time!