Shades of summer

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the amazing summer weather! If I have to pick one fashion item to welcome this burning hot weather, I will definitely go with a pair of sunglasses! Sunglasses is an accessory that is very functional yet stylish. The right pair will definitely help you step up your outfit game! With that being said, picking the right pair is extremely important. In today’s post, I am going to write about the best sunglasses for different face shapes.

Oval-Shaped Face - Aviators and wrap arounds fit this type of face shape the best. They serve as a nice counter to the soft curve of the face.


Emian Böhe RA PACIFIC BLUE           Rogue Eyewear AQUA VELVET AVIATOR          Rogue Eyewear BAMBOO CLASSIC         Rogue Eyewear RED AVIATOR


Heart-Shaped Face - Delicate styles fit this type face shape the best, for example, oversize plastic frames. Such style will not draw attention to the forehead, giving the wearer a more balanced face.


Emian Böhe COOPER BLACK AND WHITE CRYSTAL                      Emian Böhe CLÉO BLACK                               Emian Böhe DINKA DARK BROWN PANTER


Round-Shaped Face - Sunglasses frames with angular or straight lines help to lengthen and elongate the face, creating an illusion of slimmer face.


Emian Böhe LES CAVALIERS                               Rogue Eyewear ZENITH                   Rogue Eyewear AVIATOR BLACK                  Rogue Eyewear NOVA


Square-Shaped Face - Rounded frames help to soften the face’s angularity and soften the jawlines. 


Rogue Eyewear NAVY ARC                            Emian Böhe BLUE IRIDIUM                           Rogue Eyewear BLUE SKY                            Emian Böhe PINK IRIDIUM