The Two I’s : Insecurity and Intensity

I will write, once again, a very unscientific essay that is based on my personal assumptions and hypotheses. I actually do not cite anyone here as no one really cares and of course, I cannot be bothered.

It has come to my attention that our generation is (from a most part) a bunch of attention seeking whores. Again, this is a very normative statement as, compared to our parents, we have a relative advantage in terms of availability of various platforms to seek this attention. Whether the existence of these platforms is a causality or correlation cannot be answered. My point is that, the attention most of us seek, is a sign of major insecurity our generation deals with.

I see people trying to get recognized for their (relative) successes, skills and appearance. Seeking approval is probably natural to the social animal that is human (Read about it here). However, I rarely see these people accomplish something extraordinary. When you are in the presence of people that try so hard to impress, you do not get impressed. You don’t get impressed because you see they give too many fucks about what others think. This signals a major insecurity. Major insecurity is inferior. It is not appealing at all.

Logical fallacies stated above suggest that we do not really care for people who give too many fucks. I think individually, we tend to see the other person superior when they give less fucks than we give ourselves. Keep in mind I am still dealing with ‘rational fucks’ here. If a person doesn’t give a fuck if it gets killed or not that is not rational. That is just plain idiotic. To sum this up; we are superior if we care less (in rational ways).

That is not all. I have noticed that some people have these certain element in their behavior that I refer to as the intensity. There is something so intense about their presence and about what they do. It is some sort of passion that is very focused and powerful. If you look at world’s greats and you spend just a few minutes in their presence you will be affected in some way. It is this intensity of what they do and their ability to not give a fuck making them superior.

Having one, either the intensity or the ability to not care, is not enough. These two complement each other. It’s like Kim and Kanye; one without the other does not deserve attention (not that they deserve it as a couple). I’m just trying to make a point.  So get out there, do what you want to regardless of anyone expectations or opinions. Do what you do and perfect it every second. Be it. Fucking breath it.