Parisian ‘Fete de la Musique’

Sunday, 21st of June is the ‘Fete de la musique’ – Music’s day in France. Fortunately, I had the chance to be in Paris and experience this delightful day. In general, Sundays in Paris are calm, because all the Parisians are out of town to relax and enjoy the weekend. However, on this specific day, the city is full of people who sing, dance, or support others’ performances. It does not matter in which district of Paris you are, you can easily find yourself surrounded by crowds of cheerful people and the pleasant musical notes, sounds, or verses.

Are you wondering which kind of music do they play? You will be amazed how excessive the variety of music genres can be, from classical music to pop, jazz, and freestyle hip hop. If you walk around the city on this day, you will manage to find musicians performing your favorite band’s albums, instrumental parts, or songs.

However, apart from the rhythmic and joyful atmosphere of the city, there are different concerts taking place in music halls or theaters such as National Opera, Opera Bastille, La Maison du Radio France, etc. Personally, I attended a classical concert at the latter one on Sunday evening. (From the tourists perspective, it is very good idea to visit La Maison du Radio France, because it is located in the 16th district, along the Seine, overlooking the Eiffel Tour). The queue was massive, but luckily I had a protocol invitation (which means I did not wait in line, and the chair position was incredible, just in front of the orchestra!)

The conductor of the orchestra was Sascha Goetzel, originally from Vienna, Austria, but he has an international career mainly in Berlin, Hannover, Bretagne, and currently he is the conductor of the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra. This time, he was conducting the National Orchestra of France, and actually it was the first time for me attending one of his concerts. I have to say, it was a great experience as the selection of musical parts was particular, starting with the traditional Bizet’s - Carmen "Les Toreadors", continuing with the classic Gounod’s -Waltz from “Faust", the dramatic Prokofiev’s- ‘3 Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet’, the rhythmic Khatchaturian’s- ‘Sabre Dance’, the adorable Rossini’s –‘William Tell Overture’, the though-provoking Saint-Saens’- ‘Bacchanale’ (Samson et Dalila), the solid Brahms’- ‘Hungarian Dance No 5’, and ending with the peaceful Ravel’s- ‘Bolero’. Moreover, Mr. Goetzel was unique in his performance, with expressive body language, transmitting his passion for the music and enthusiasm of being in front of the public.


I believe that music is an important part of one’s daily life.  It can be found as a source of inspiration and motivation, but at the same time as a therapy to unload emotions, moods, and sensations. Nowadays, the connection with music is more facile, because of the amazing advancement of technology that makes it easily accessible. However, the ‘fete de la musique’- Music day is special, because it is a community celebration. It was evocative experiencing this day in Paris, but as far as I know, the Music day is also celebrated in other countries (capitals), so get to know and rock it!