IUTTA: Ancestral heritage in an innovative way

Past trends always repeat. You can observe this in patterns, prints or even in colours, changing every season. A few carry an inspiring story with them. Take a folklore motive, give it a modern twist and you get an outstanding premium brand. We present you Romanian brand- IUTTA.

What is the story behind the name IUTTA and what does it refers to?

“Iutta or Judith (Iudita), one of the most powerful woman in ancient history, was spoilt by the Renaissance painters who used to portray her in their works of art. She is a contemporary icon, although not many people know her story. Her beauty and wisdom encouraged her people to stay true to their values and true self.”

When was the idea of IUTTA born and where is it based on?

“Iutta came to life in 2013 in Romania. Our products are crafted in a local studio in Bucharest, but we distribute them worldwide. Iutta bags are always travelling around the world.

Bucharest has apparently a huge influence on IUTTA’s designs. What do you consider the biggest inspiration?

“The brand is drawing its inspiration from folklore and ancestral heritage, which provide great insight into local cultures. The symbols which we identify with are then brought to life through designs into a universal concept with powerful significance. The collections are based on a story that reminds us about our roots and values. Iutta is an extension of a woman who wears it, summarises her believes.”

IUTTA designs offer a great opportunity to express yourself. What message do they carry?

“It is a premium brand which tells stories in an innovative way. It has a voice, a unique style and an authentic personality. The ones who wear Iutta reflect these values and express their way of being through our personalised creations.”

The spiritual idea of IUTTA definitely is very powerful. However, what do you consider its biggest strength?

“Our signature design. Over the time, we created a line of leather bags and accessories which are embroidered with traditional motifs, and this became a trademark in the fashion industry. The brand has approached every new creation with the same level of commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design that has become synonymous with its vision.”

What kind of products does IUTTA produce? Is the signature motive present in all of them?

“Our portfolio consists of bags and accessories that evocate the feeling of longing for a place, a moment in time, a person, a flagrance. ‘Longing to belong’ is our main collection of urban leather purses with traditional motifs, but we have clutches as well which are highly versatile. In addition, we launched at one of the most prestigious fairs in Dusseldorf a collection of stylish footwear, which is embellished with the same embroidered symbols. For the summer, we just created a limited-edition line of textile clutches with vivid patterns and for all seasons we have leather wallets with multiple functionalities.”

I believe many people around the world is looking for exactly same attitude in craftsmanship and also a modern touch of designs carrying an inspiring story. Where can we shop IUTTA products?

“For worldwide purchase, we recommend visiting our website, our online store will guide you through our portfolio. We do ship internationally and hopefully you will be able to see our designs in stores soon.”

What are IUTTA’s plans for the future? Any exciting plans?

“We’re always thinking at what our client might like to wear so new lines are in process of being designed. Apart from that, this year we are focusing our resources towards scaling the business and extending Iutta internationally. We will attend fashion fairs & exhibitions abroad and collaborate with big names in the industry, so keep an eye out!”