Have you ever been at some place in your life where you have founded it hard to be excited? Doing the same boring things everday and just not getting out of bed on your off days? Whether if it's your busy working routine or just plain everyday troubles, you need to get out of it. I hear ya! Sometimes, I get so bored of my own self, even though I'm working so hard with my own blog and running the whole house and other stuff that are happening around me! I get irritated even writing about it...               

Anyway, if you're in the same situation - to bring light and adventure into your own life is in your hands, and trust me, it'll be fun as hell and won't cost you much! I remember when we -in our teenager years- used to share bucket lists for the summer made of simple goals like "Fly a Kite", "Kiss that Boy", "Have a Girls Only Slumber Party" etc. didn't write where, when or where. The only "must" of the bucket list was having a deadline. Why not give it a go again? Creating a bucket list at your age might just seem too childish for you, but it shouldn't. Our inner child runs farther away from us and starts hiding as we age up... That's when we start to get tired and bored and run out of excitement. Creating a bucket list can bring that child back! If it seems silly to you, please just try to give it a go for once, I beg of you!               

Start that bucket list for this summer and try to fulfill your life with happiness whenever you can. You're probably thinking "who has that kind of spare time in their hands?". Just try to plan the events whenever you're free, if you really want to do something, you will make time for it! Keep your finances in mind too; if you can't afford it at the moment, don't go over your head and write things like "Visit Norway and watch the Northern Lights".

Start with affordable or free and fun goals such as "Go to the newly opened coffee shop and try their best chocolate cake" or "Go to the mall and try on clothes in the most expensive store". You can even add goodwill goals like "Buy pet food and feed stray animals" so others can benefit off of your goals... Oh, and if you've never been to any free local events happening in your town, I'd also suggest you to follow up these events and write them on your list! Attending events like these has the upside of meeting your local neighbors and gaining new friends!         

If you start off with huge expectations and rare to happen events, you will feel miserable! This whole project might be hurting you more than you could expect. So like I've said, think small and simple! After completing a whole bucket list, you can gradually add bigger targets to your next one. Don't forget, if you'd like some inspiration or ideas you can always knock on Google's or Pinterest's door by the keywords "bucket list ideas"! If you'd like to share your new experience with a special someone, there are some great couples' bucket lists available and you can always try them out with your mom, dad, best friend or sibling too. If you're alright, but know a loved one who is in stress or you think can be interested in this challenge, please don't forget to share. Remember, sharing is caring!