It is impossible to say wich one is better, because we are talking about a real religion. Naples and pizza are an amazing couple, the city is full of pizzerias, especcially in the old centre, there are the most famous pizzerias among tourists. In spite of their popularity, these pizzerias are not the best pizza places.

Understanding real Neapolitan pizza: dough must be high and thick, tomato sauce must be made of San Marzano tomatoes, real extra virgin oil, fresh farm grown basil, parmesan, and finally Mozzarella di Buffala.

So let’s discover the best pizzeria…

1) Starita is located in the old part of Naples, really close to the city center, it is always full of tourist and also the locals love eating pizza there. Thea la carte menu has a wide range of pizzas: simple, traditional or those with modern twist.

If you decide for this place, I suggest to try “angioletti”: pieces of pizza dough with tomato rocket salad and parmesan or the sweet version with nutella. Simple as that... Amazing!

2) Di Matteo is located in the historical center of Naples, two minutes from the famous street of the cribs. During the years this pizzeria hosted many famous people, even Clinton tried their pizza!

The fried finger food is very popular, at the entrance, there is “a take away” window exposing all the fried food, they prepare it while you watch. If you decide to try some of them, I suggest “frittatina”: a type of omelette with spaghetti, bechamel, minced meat and peas.

3) Gianni e Genny is located in a famous street of Naples, on the crossroads. Their pizza is homemade, you can feel the atmosphere of an old Neapolitan house infused with harmony.

Their strenght is the biggest pizzas I’ve ever seen! It is called “cartwhel” and it is a really big pizza with different tastes- each slice of pizza is different! This pizza is for 5 people, more or less. It depends of how hungry are you!


In Naples you have a lot of options where to eat pizza because it’s not only a traditional meal, it’s a religion. It’s really important for Neapolitan people, it’s a part of their lives.
You can find pizza on the tabels of Neapolitans almost every day. But it’s not just regular pizza, it’s the one and only NEAPOLITAN PIZZA!