The most abstract thing humans do

We dry a plant. Add plenty of toxins to keep it burning nicely and some chemically enhanced artificial flavours. To be exact, there are over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette. 

These are a few, just to get your started: Carbon monoxide, found in car exhausts. Nicotine, part of bug sprays. Tar, is actually used to make roads, that stuff that stinks when you see construction and drive past it. Yes you smoke that too. Ammonia, found in cleaning products. Methoprene, which is a pesticide. Doesn’t sound (smell) very nice now, does it?

We light this stick of death up, put it in our mouth, inhale the smoke and breathe it deeply into our lung and body. We exhale and the residue remains in our system. 

From all the things we do that are bad for us, all the drugs and addictions we give in to, smoking must be the most abstract one. 

I believe it makes a difference what you smoke, whether it’s marijuana, cigarettes, shisha, meth, crack or whatever else you fall into. They all vary on a scale of dangerous to closely harmless. The thing with drugs is that they always reveal and intensify traits of your character that you might usually have under control or not know of. We can all agree that if you’re high on weed, you’re probably not going to do any harm to anyone, including yourself. Nobody has ever died on weed overdose. You might just end up being really slow. But everything else?

I’m not going to get into talking about all the others, but cigarettes are clearly drugs. They get you hooked. Everyone who says they could stop at any time, but just enjoy the taste or effect are still addicted. Don’t kid yourself. 

If you're a smoker, then your mouth stinks, your hands stink, your hair stinks. Basically you will end up smelling really bad. It turns the skin around your hands yellow. Gives you wrinkles. Kissing a smoker is definitely up there with all the nasty things in this world. It tightens your blood vessels. Turns your teeth yellow and black. Want kids? Well it makes you infertile and shrinks your manhood. This is just the start of all the things that can and will go wrong with you, if you smoke. 

So why do it? Is there really so much to gain from it? Depending on where you live, you spend up to hundreds if not thousands of euros on smoking per year. Think about how much money you could save if you quit. Is it not ironic how references about money are probably more effective than the health benefits, even though they are the most important ones.

Look at the infographic to understand the positive and normalising effects that quitting have on you.

Do yourself, and especially the people around you that have to endure with your weakness a favour and stop smoking. You are not helping anyone. 

It is truly tragic what the human race is capable of doing. We are the true threat to this planets existence by constantly finding things that will ruin it. 

What a weakness of humanity this is. What a failure!