Milano Fashion Week SS15/16

Last week I had the pleasure to attend some fashion shows during Milano Fashion Week. I really love that kind of events: lots of people, celebrities, photographers and fashion lovers are all around the city to create a great and colourful atmosphere. I attended some presentation and some fashion shows during the weekend.

On Friday I went to Orciani presentation and I found lots of cool bags in pink, green, yellow and red: so much colour and so much decorations (take a look at the pics)!

Do you know Chiara Ferragni? On Sunday I attended her presentation of shoes at "The Mall". It was all about super hero (there were wonder woman models with black bodies and CF shoes of course that were having a kind of shooting there with music) and cartoons.


Lots of colours, shapes, patterns, super high wedges, blue eyes and glitters. A lot of glitters! And also many patent leather shoes with some drawings on it! My favourite? The green ones with her initials: I love the model! Which ones do you like the most?

Soon, I’ll tell you about fashion shows, so stay tuned!