Whiskey, Ink & Lace

Seattle based cosmetic brand that overcomes barriers of gender stereotypes and focuses on neutralizing them. They offer wide range of products made from natural ingredients for both men and women.

The story behind the name combines the idea of ambiguous gender concept and personal representation of its founder, Andi: “I drink a lot of whiskey, I have a lot of tattoos and I wear a lot of lace. Beards and whiskey are seen as manly things, while lace and things like chocolate are seen as feminine, and yet we find ways to combine them, so that everyone loves it and can find something that fits them.”

The journey of the brand started in 2013. Andi was making her own bath & beauty products and some of her friends were interested in purchasing them: „I had my first sale on Halloween of that year and then things went crazy from there. What was a hobby quickly became a full business, selling products domestically and internationally.”

Today, they offer more than 200 products including specialty soaps, natural hair care, hairstyling pomades, facial creams, body butters and more: “We also have a large selection of beard care products (like beard oil, beard shampoo bars, beard wash, beard balm as well as moustache wax for styling) which are our customer’s favourites. Offer continues with 12 different scents and a petroleum-free tattoo salve.”

They use natural ingredients all people can benefit from and avoid harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates and formaldehyde: “I don't want to offer just good smelling body products that are filled with artificial fragrance oils that contain any number of harmful chemicals. I love finding ingredients that are natural and smell amazing, while also providing amazing benefits to people's skin or hair.” Shampoos are exactly this case; they’re filled with the most harmful chemicals. That’s why they recently launched liquid beard shampoo and liquid hair shampoo, to provide safe and natural care.

In their products, you can find ingredients like a real beer, cocoa or coffee: “I also love coffee, it fuels a lot of what I do so I've found ways to include it in a lot of products. In fact, our very first products were the Coffee & Stout Soap Bars and the Coffee & Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Coffee can offer your skin a lot of benefits, and also just smells delicious. We have quite a few coffee products and even offer a kit that includes most of them.” That’s really something, especially for coffee addicts!

However, Andi’s most favourite ingredient is cupuacu butter, because of its texture and smell: “We've included it in our Cake Batter Body Butter and our Whiskey Run Butter Sticks. It pairs well with cocoa butter, creating a rich, sweet smell and making very moisturizing creams and balms.”

Andi thinks about sport enthusiasts in the line called Whiskey Run: “This line includes a vegan muscle rub, sunscreen lip balm, natural sunscreen, and salves for rockclimbers, skateboarders, and more.”

Whiskey, Ink & Lace do not sleep and always think ahead: “I have a bunch of products in my head that I'm constantly concocting and I'm just excited to be able to launch them in coming months. In the next few years, I see our product lines expanding significantly, so we can offer more great natural products for our customer.” For now, you can shop their products directly on their website, on Etsy or you can visit small boutiques and salons around the world selling them!