Eisklusiv: Ice cream with a vision

You say it’s too cold for an ice cream in winter, we say it’s always right time for delicious ice cream! Especially when we’re talking about the unique ice cream experience. Meet Stefan Trautsch, founder of the exclusive Eisklusiv ice cream concept in Vienna, Austria.  

A former chef who worked in China or India, began to make desserts and starters at his first job, that’s when he also started to make an ice cream: “We served every dessert with an ice cream which was very pure, natural and had a very minimalistic composition. The thing for me was- dessert is not finished until it has its very own ice cream.” His ice cream journey started off very quickly and his general knowledge about food and different combos was definitely the fact that helped him develop this unique concept: “I call it science, an expression of creativity. I know the flavours, I understand how they work together and I have the imagination. I always think about it as a complex dish not just a dessert,” explains Stefan.

His “chef mind” stands behind Shelato ice cream store. They also deliver to another Vienna based batch called Eis’nhover. “We prepare ice cream for 12 Viennese restaurants and each of them has their very own special recipes. For instance, Indian restaurant offers Takka Massala ice cream,” explains Stefan. He works with ingredients and flavours that are typical for the specific cuisine and prepares customized ice cream too.

Do you wonder how are those unusual flavours created? Stefan doesn’t completely understand the process as well: “I challenge myself, I always want to step up my creativity. I want to create combinations that are not obvious.” So when you get lucky, you may taste creations like banana-spirulina-pineapple, pomegranate with basil or perhaps famous salty caramel ice cream just to name a few. During our visit, Stefan prepared for us a fabulous yoghurt ice cream with olive crackers, pine nuts, thyme and honey liquor and it was really something!

Even ordinary flavours could be done in a different & innovative way. The perfect example could be the coffee ice cream: “I got asked very often- why won’t we do a coffee ice cream. I said to myself, if we do, it must be really special. So, once I mixed coffee into passion fruit ice cream and people loved it!” His inspiration comes from an actual dishes and creates flavours like sugar melon with olive oil, olives and bacon topping or grape with walnuts, thyme and cream cheese: “It’s nothing new, but nobody has ice cream made of these ingredients, it simulates a meal” says Stefan.

This might look like a very simple process, but not every combination works like that: “Jackfruit was crazy. It tastes amazingly when deep-fried, but ice cream was really smelly and bad.”

Do you feel excited about the concept just like us? As we learned, Stefan is not satisfied with average or ordinary and sets his goals even higher: “I dream of a high class restaurant where every dish comes with an ice cream. Everything is simple but unexpected.” We bet there are lots of us who would enjoy an ice cream with every meal and could relate to the idea. Let’s hope for the best and maybe one day, we’ll experience an ultimate ice cream experience.








All pics by our Jahan Saber!

Stay tuned for Wild Bunch video featuring Stefan's concept and other fun stuff!