Tierra Burrito Bar

We all have our own versions of comfort food. And from the list of warm, savory, and sinfully delicious dishes on our lists, one popular item is a beloved Tex-Mex creation: the Burrito.

Tierra Burrito Bar brings it’s own share of culture to the table. This Tex-Mex chain of restaurants has been steadily gaining popularity in the city of Madrid, Spain because of its delicious servings and vibrant atmosphere. It’s Latin American inspired menu is a step away from the usual tapas bars found in Madrid, and it’s notable array of beers and cocktails as well as the familiarity of many dishes invite many people to pop in for a bite.

Locals as well as people from different parts of the globe who are currently living in Madrid have tried Tierra Burrito Bar, and all have something to say about the place:

“I’ll say it simply, it’s healthy and filling. The atmosphere is good, it's not too bright and the light is good so you can sit there and have a good time. The beer is good too and there are lots of choices."

- Siddharth Gupta, from Delhi, India

“I like the whole vibe of the place. You can tell it’s more for the youth and that added to the whole experience. I would definitely go back there. But of course the best part was that huge *ss burrito!”

- Garie Sison, from Manila, Philippines

“The first time I [bought] a burrito, I was with 3 other girls. [We also]took 1 liter of Margarita lemon (it was very good) and it was on Happy Hour so there was a special offer. I [took] the burrito with chicken and it was good, the second time I [bought] a burrito with carnitas and it I think it was better than with chicken. [In my opinion] it was very tasty, little bit spicy but not too much! I like the food and the fact that it’s very fast!”

-Lucie Mory, from Lille, France

“[The burrito] is flavorful, tasty. And you get good value for your money at around 7 euros for a huge burrito! Sadly the only disadvantage is that the restaurant has no dessert. The staff there is very accommodating and attentive. They spoke English, Spanish and French. I think [Tierra Burrito Bar] is relatively new in Madrid, with its presence becoming known a few months ago. The outside is inviting and the set up is very comfortable.”

- Cynthia Huenefeld, Madrid, Spain

“The taste of the food was as if an angel had peed on my tongue! It was really nice, lots of different flavors! We drank lemon margaritas with it and this was very cool because the margarita was sour and cold [and] a good combo with the burrito. I would definitely go back again! They have happy hour everyday and it's a very good price for the amount of food you get.”

- Charlotte Blijweert, Ghent, Belgium

If ever you were in Madrid and looking for a delicious food fix, do you think you’d try visiting Tierra Burrito Bar?