Have you ever dreamt of living in the country of endless possibilities? Do you want to know its pros and cons? So read ahead and maybe you will find something that one day might help you decide when you’re about to make a decision. Here are some facts of living in the States.

1. Popcorn. Definitely one of the pros…or cons. It depends. You can go to see a movie and gain 5 pounds just from eating popcorn. A reason? You can pour a butter on it and no one counts how much! And then you can go for a second round, for free! Now you can see where those 5 pounds come from.

2. Fastfood. Lots of fast food of any kind beginning with the one of the worst I know- Wendy’s. You buy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and they are “good to eat” after spending a week in a car with 35 celsius in it. Without any smell or even change of consistency nor color.

3. Drinks. There is no better place on earth where you can buy a drink worth your money than in US. The bartender always pours above the European standard and thanks to that your night is set to be a booze cruise. Don’t forget to leave a chunky tip.

4. Coffee. Forget about nice small cafeterias with espresso in those pretty coffee cups. Be ready for big cups of coffee, in the world where the word small means large for Europeans. But Starbucks doesn’t have its fame for nothing so at least the coffee is worth it and you can drink it all day long.

5. Tips. A lot of people in Europe aren’t used to leaving tips for waiters. In the US, it’s common sense. The bigger the better. So it’s better for you to be a waiter over there than here, you can wrack up a lot of money, especially if you are a girl.

6. Traffic. If you spend some time in the east coast, you can’t miss driving down the infamous parkway and turnpike highways. These will get you miles away in no time. So is there also a disadvantage to this? Yes. The drivers. For unkown reasons the majority of them do not know left lane is for passing and everyone ends up driving throught all the lanes, and the next thing you know, youre stuck in traffic.

7. Plastic shopping bags. Going to the grocery store to buy some food? Leave your shopping bags at home . Unlike many stores in Europe who sell you their plastic bags after shopping, The US gives them away for free and they also pack everything up for you ! Just make sure you designate a place for them at home because three grocery store visits later you’ll probably be able to build a sail out of those free plastic shopping bags.

8. Clubs. NYC is one of the best places in the world to experience a great night life. You just have to do a little research and find out which clubs and bars are open past 2 AM. Unfortunately the last call at a bar in the states is around 1:45 AM, which means you have be on your way out at 2. That is for sure something a party animal from Europe would not be too fond of.

9. On a more of a personal note, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the openness and friendliness of complete strangers who randomly complimented my hair, dress, or shoes while I was simply shopping around at a store or just walking down the street. This definitely caught me off guard and these strangers had me blushing everytime.

10. Dressings. Dressings everywhere.

11. Education system. Many US students finish Colleges with sky rocketing loans they will be paying all their lives. And as if that wasn’t enough, these loans have interest rates that would knock you off your feet. On top of all of that they can’t event drink their sorrows away at a bar past 2 am! However, there are exceptions, such as scholarships and rich parents.


12. If you want to immerse yourself in the contemporary art scene, then NYC is the place to be. From underground venues with music to artshows and other events where emerging artists from all fronts are exposing their work to the world, all can be found the city that never sleeps.

13. Last but not least, shopping. Who doesn’t just love shopping? Especially if you can buy brand items for lower prices. Europe cannot touch the crazy deals on clothes, accessories, and other brand items that are constantly thrown at costumers. I believe that’s why and where true shoppaholics were born.