Can you imagine a city where there is almost no chance of drinking bad coffee?

Actually, you don’t need to imagine it as long as we have Rome on this planet…

With its beautiful fountains, artistic squares, historical buildings and cobble-stoned colourful streets; this rom-e-antic city is absolutely one of the best destinations in Europe - especially if you’re into art, archaeology and history… After staying 5 days there, I felt like I was travelling through time and someone had beamed me up to the Roman Empire. What a magical experience!

But above all, I was really surprised to see the role and importance of coffee on the daily lives of the people in Rome. Personally speaking, I consider coffee shops as a second home and I enjoy spending long hours in cafés with cool interior and warm atmosphere. However, as far as I observed, Romans focus on the coffee itself, not the place where it is consumed. They just stand in front of the counters and complete the drinking routine only in a few minutes. I guess this is the reason why they don’t have so many fancy coffee shops like the other European cities. Nevertheless, they have the most delicious coffee in the world and it is really hard to find bad coffee in “Roma Aeterna” (The Eternal City).

To warm you up in these cold winter days, here comes a list of my favourite Roman coffee spots, dear coffee and Rome lovers! I wish you all the best in 2016 and Happy New Year to all!

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1. Salotto 42
Piazza di Pietra, 42, 186
A cute cocktail bar (also serving coffee & tea), in a perfect location close to Pantheon. If you visit this place on a sunny day, take the outside seats facing the pillars of an ancient temple and remain seated until the sun goes down…

2. Tazza D’oro
Via degli Orfani, 84, 186
One of the best Roman coffee shops serving freshly roasted coffee all day long and many blends are available for purchasing. As it is so popular among the tourists/ locals, you may find it a bit crowded and need to wait in the queue longer than you expected. But it’ll worth it! P.S. No place to sit, ideal for take-away…

3. Antico Caffe Greco
Via dei Condotti, 86, 187
The oldest café in Rome (opened in 1760)! The ambiance here will make you go backto the years when Goethe and his friends had many intellectual discussions in front of the piano in the back room. Prices are a bit high butvery close to Spanish steps...

4. Libreria Invito alla Lettura
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 281, 186
I discovered this bookstore by chance while trying to find free wi-fi. Just sit inside, drink delicious Italian coffee and watch the chaotic atmosphere with retro vibes, vintage items, used books and records…

5. Aristocampo
Via della Lungaretta, 75, 153
Cool spot, located on one of the most beautiful streets of Trastevere. I didn’t try the food here but the coffee was good enough to enjoy its lovely view. They are against war and tourist menu!

6. Sant’ Eustachio II Caffe
Piazza Sant’ Eustachio, 82, 186
One of the oldest coffee shops and roasters in Rome (opened in 1938).Their top quality coffee beans (gathered from regions like Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Galapagos, St. Elena Islands) are roasted over wood in the back of the shop. You can either buy coffee or seat outside…

Bonus: If you have the chance to go inside Castel Sant’ Angelo museum (you need to buy a ticket), try the restaurant on the upper floor. Besides coffee, it offers one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Hint: Instead of ordering “Latte”, use the term “Caffe Latte” unless you don’t want the waiter to bring you hot milk (latte means “milk” in Italian)! ;)