Recognizing Femme Fatale(Part II)

Read Femme Fatale (Part I)

Mary is Pippin’s Femme Fatale. We know this, or at least we suspect this. But why is she The Femme Fatale. What does it constitute to be one? In order to answer this we should look for Femme Fatale indicators that might make the case clearer. I have come up with these:

1. SSAS - Spontaneous Sudden Affection Syndrome (also known as WTF?!)
2. Random Day Dreaming
3. Uncontrollable Reactivity
4. Constant Analyzing of The Femme Fatale

As I know my audience is probably too tired to read after the tiresome day at work or school (yeah right you lazy…) I’ll just present the Femme Fatale Indicators for you in a visual form.

1. SSAS - Spontaneous Sudden Affection Syndrome

I’m Droopy.

2. Random Day Dreaming

Yeah, exactly like that man, like a little girl.

3. Uncontrollable Reactions

When Femme Fatale texts a victim the reaction is often too unorthodox and unusual for victim with too many…

4. Constant Analyzing of The Femme Fatale

Shit bro, you’re worse than Ariel.

If all of these four indicators are present we are clearly observing the case of Femme Fatale. In case of my friend Pippin all of the above are present so Mary constitutes a Femme Fatale. I can already hear Pippin asking (with a girly voice) ‘But whyyyy???’ – Well my friend we will find out as in the next part we will take a closer look at why the phenomenon of Femme Fatale occurs. There might be psychological and sociological variables coming into play. But let’s not be too hasty. All in due time.