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Sean Huber enjoys designing many things, especially when he’s involved in the initial vision. He has already collaborated in a city development project, and even designed a clothespin during his very first job. Designing a car is a bit different though, there’s adrenaline.That is Sean’s job; he is a car designer

It has all started in a childhood with tiny car models fascination, which still remains a thing for Sean: ‘I still am fascinated, small versions of the real deal, no?’ If he had not went on to becoming a car designer he would probably end up us an architect. But that would not be that challenging.

Designing a car for real life is a huge deal composed of many intricacies.‘In my opinion the hardest thing about designing, is to know when to stop. Once you have created a design you like, you tend to tell yourself it can be better and continue.’ But there’re also too many pleasures going with the whole process.What he loves about designing cars is the thought of sketch driving on the road.

So how does a day of an every-guy dream job look like? ‘My morning emails get me focused, during breakfast I can prioritize what’s important for the day, if there’s time, I enjoy creating a design just for myself, not for work.’  Sean loves the process of creation and when asked about his favourite designs he shies away from answering the same way a parent does when asked about his favourite child: ‘Seeing as, my career is very young, I see each project as a milestone, I’m proud of every client submission.’

Today Sean lives in the mecca of supercars – Dubai. However, he has to split time between the heat of a desert and Vienna. It was the car design itself that opened the door for him. ‘I was fortunate enough to know I wanted to design cars early on. When I was 15, I found a University degree for Automotive and Transportation design, you can imagine my heart skipped a beat! I first touched down in Dubai in 2013, Dubai is breeding ground for individuals who enjoy expressing themselves through cars.’

Sean works closely with clients that cannot be named as they are on the forefront of the automotive game. His support centre has always been from an industry colleagues, few who have even started businesses for themselves and continue to grow in the same industry. When asked about the price tag that hangs on the car he (co-)designed he replies: ‘This varies, one project I am currently involved is targeting clients who will spend a few hundred thousand EUROs on their new purchase.’

You may think that such a collector’s product must take months to design! You would be surprised that designing a supercar is not a long process. When a muse strikes Sean can be done in matter of days. What extends the process is the art vs. real life engineering. That is the real challenge.

Even though Sean got into the industry as very young, his dreams are not fully satisfied. He would love to contribute to the creation of an Austrian car brand. He does not have a particular dream car as Sean rather finds an appreciation in too many cars to have just one. ‘If I ever have the opportunity, I will name one after the woman I marry.’  Despite being young and successful Sean remains humble. ‘I believe I am far from achieving my goals, but I notice that hesitation is the end of personal growth, I have seen this trait in several friends.’ So for now Sean wants to grow as a designer and as a brand ‘HUBER’ that he owns, the rest remains to be seen.

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