Milo Yiannopoulos : Gay (and educated) Version of Donald Trump

…and I confess, I might think he is more handsome and his hair are more fabulous (no homo). But there truly is something about Milo. He is sort of a last (or a first) Mohican in a fight against violent feminism as other men dare not to speak against this very trend. Milo claims a great injustice towards men happening right now. So even at this moment, when most of us sit on the couch snacking on those nachos with a beer in one hand and remote controller in another, thinking what a great patriarchy we all live in, we’re losing our fight. But it is not a fight for gender superiority, but a fight for gender equality.

Feminists have recently rallied their troops putting Emma Watson, an ok spokesperson but a terrible actress, on a big white shiny horse into the very front and attacked the society that already suffers from a men-guilt stigma. The fact is that men are so afraid to speak, as, how Milo puts it, ‘they are immediately dismissed as a sexists or a bigots’. Milo is a smart lad. He has one great advantage over the most of us. What’s that? In his own words his advantage is that ‘he’s a fagg*t’.

Milo describes some of the feminists as gender warriors waging gender warfare and equality is not their intention. They crave superiority, ‘may it be architected into the education system or affirmative actions’… According to Milo ‘this progressive third wave of feminism, today’s version of feminism, basically bears down on misandry’. He goes even further claiming that today’s social justice warriors, including feminists, are just ventilating their own frustration and imposing it onto the world.

He presents a very intriguing idea that feminists has handed women the victimhood script. He does not blame women in general as our society has transformed victimhood into most valuable currency that one can amass. Why not to look for the most easily obtainable script of victimhood? Milo coins a term ‘quantum super-state feminism’ which should capture the paradox of women being an aggressor and a victim at the same time.

Haven’t you also noticed this double standard of society? What can men say about women and what can women say about men? Doesn’t it seem like the whole society is suddenly architected against men? That’s what Milo suggests. He feels strongly that men in the early twenties and younger are simply being discriminated against because they do not have vagina on them. Allegedly the statistics are on his side. And yes, let’s not forget one of his most courageous call: ‘Gender pay gap does not exist’.

I do not say I agree with everything that Milo says but in some respects he does raise a point. And a damn good one. Despite his surname being unmarketable, Milo already got a lot of attention and media coverage. Judging by the fact that he feeds on this attention he will only step up his game in the near future. But I must say I am a fan. He might be a parody of himself but he is an intelligent guy who deserves support of us, men. Because for now he fights our battle alone.

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Title Pic: Courtesy of Milo Yiannopoulos