Cool coffee gadgets for (not only) home brewing


Perfect all in one coffee machine! Bruvelo features every step of coffee preparation- grinding, ratios and temperature setting, even filtration. You can pick your preferred taste “from french press to smoothness of paper filters”.Set all of that through an app!



For cold brew lovers! The tool offers simple brewing while preserving the natural taste and sweetness of coffee. Now you can experience professionally made cold brew anytime you have cravings for it without a trip to the nearest coffeeshop!


Yama Silverstone Coffee & Tea Dripper

This stylish gadget offers slow drip coffee brewing plus it features a setting for tea preparation! Now you can enjoy specialty coffee and the fine prepared tea at home without using too many tools.



Portable espresso maker! You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite coffee when travelling.Minipresso is lightweight maker and an ideal companionfor any trip without craving furity Kenya from The Barn.


Rok Espresso Maker

The coolest coffee maker so far! This manual espresso machine is made of steel and offers 10 year guarantee. That’s quite a confidence! Rok Espresso maker offers you a complete control over the pressure; therefore you’re able to control the intensity and the taste of final cup.



Perfect all in one coffee maker to go. Its proportions are really convenient since “it holds 250ml (15.2oz) of brewed coffee and 30 grams of coffee beans.” In addition, it is eco-friendly. Cafflanodoesn’t need electricity, paper filters or cups. Every part is reusable.

Bonus for latte art freaks:

Ripple Maker

Social media are full of #latteartporn while you’re not able to make a simple rosetta? Well, not anymore! Ripple Maker takes it even further. It is able to decorate your cappuccino with anything you can think of. Just pick a photo (yes, you read that right) or design your own picture.