Sundays, Silence and Balat…

On a silent Sunday morning…

Just before the old city wakes from her finest dreams.


Did I tell you that I don’t like Sundays?


I find myself in the empty narrow streets of an unfamiliar town,

With ruined narrow houses where laundry hangs between the elegant bay windows.

I can easily hear the flowers gossiping in the doorsills

And see the colourful bed sheets dancing in the air.


Is this the same city that I live in?


Then the sun shows up and greets the crowd…

Children start to play in the streets - freely, carelessly, happily.

Greengrocers, dressmakers and carpenters around; no shopping malls allowed,

The same beautiful chaos - but with different looks and souls.


Did I tell you that I don’t like Silence?


Then I climb up that hill to the red coloured school,

Take out my camera and trace the smell of coffee to discover the unknown.



Let me introduce you one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Istanbul, dear coffee lovers! It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and becoming more and more popular due to its historical architecture and newly opened cafes, restaurants and design shops. Here comes a list of my top 5 coffee spots in this unique town – Balat! Don’t forget to check my Instagram account @coffeediaries for more cool spots!


1- Coffee Department


2- Naftalin K.


3- Cooklife


4- Kadraj


5- Cumbalı