The TOP 10 Of ‘TOP 10 Lists Ideas’

Like I said before – people love their sh*t summarized. We are all lazy bast*rds and I am sure many of the readers are grinning as they read it. Yes that grin of yours is a silent acknowledgement of your laziness. See? There is the grin again.

I am here to write stuff that entertains, yet also might include that old bugaboo – knowledge. Some people hate the knowledge. Therefore I hate to package the knowledge into entertainment and I am selling it to you as in ‘infotainment’. Enough of bullsh*t. This time again I have decided to answer the popular demand and I am presenting you a TOP 10 OF ‘TOP 10 LISTS IDEAS’ – the top ten of the top lists ideas someone could come up with. In order to make it even more entertaining I will write the TOP 10 LIST you’ll choose as the best.


Here we go:

  1. The TOP 10 Things You Should Not Do With a Banana (…I know what you are thinking and we both agree you are a perv)

  2. The TOP 10 Places To Hide When Voledmort Wants to Kill You (That face you make when you hear Crucio! again…)

  3. The TOP 10 Desires You Do Not Know You Have (…but ofc I do know you better than you know yourself. Yours truly – Elite Daily )

  4. The TOP 10 Ways How to Become Utterly Unattractive (…not that you need a help)

  5. The TOP 10 Ways How To Camouflage Your Fart (I already know the number one…’Do you smell this?’ Sniffing and pretending you do not know what that is but deep in your heart you know it’s the dairy you are not suppose to be eating)

  6. The TOP 10 Girls You Fall in Love With (Did you know it is the best not to end a sentence with a preposition? I’mma do this one regardless of the popular vote)

  7. The TOP 10 Men You Fall in Love With (I am forced to do this by the terrorist organization called feminists – JK (not Rowling), please do not hurt me!)

  8. The TOP 10 Ways How to Kill a Vegan (Except from the obvious one; become a vegan. Disclaimer: This is not a hate speech.)

  9. The TOP 10 Ways How to Become Kim Kardashian (I do not think that since Princes Di have left this earth there has been a more celebrated wh*re person in the worldwide media.)

  10. The TOP 10 Ways How to Quit Social Media (Death is an easy option, I will not count that in.)

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