Alberto Zambelli's METALLIC VELVET

Alberto Zambelli's collection is inspired by Rainer Fassbinbder's masterpiece "The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant."

Tailored mocha-coloured coats wrap the linearity of the nude petticoat-dresses, which frame irregular plissé sealed by silver techno-taping, as the directly heat-sealed stuffed plumage. Romantic velvets with patterns recalling tangles of roses, like the perfume of old lace, come with elastic ropes stolen from the sport world. Artisanal and technological coexist in maxi floral merinos pullovers. Coated silver decorates geometric intarsia underlined by sartorial lines and details of three dimensional bows, and the t-shirts shout off the pop slogan "metallic velvet".

There are faces printed on the t-shirts made of decomposed polaroids and draped together with neoprene corsetry. There's a continuos contrast between natural and artificial, technology and classic. Main colors are nude, silver, wood, black, mocha and lavander while main fabrics are velvet, silk, poplin, pvc, lace and neoprene. Everything is enriched by microcrystal on belts or on suspenders.

The accessories are backpacks, bags, fanny packs, neoprene stockings and mink scarves and collars. And the contraposition goes on..!