Laimushka: Eccentric toys for fashionistas

Laimushka is a brainchild of the two creatives, Laima & Alex, who are originally from Riga, Latvia. After moving to Stockholm, they found courage to make their hobby their living.

Moving into foreign country is always challenging but young couple managed to make the best out of it. After Laima landed an internship at local brand she discovered how an independent business works: “This gave me courage to consider Laimushka not just a hobby,” explains Laima. So the journey begins.

Today, Laimushka creates quirky designs full of pastels, unusual shapes and shiftiness: They are feminine, a bit dreamy and eccentric. I like to compare our accessories to toys which can be playfully combined with any basic wardrobe, thus making it more fun and multifunctional for everyday or special events. Simple clothes and whimsical accessories is my favorite combination,” says Laima and admits that the unconventional approach, experiments and renovation is their biggest strength.

Laimushka has already built its status amongst professionals and industry insiders which is an amazing accomplishment, but the designer duo is not setting their limits and plan on expanding the brand. They are already overwhelmed with ideas that are waiting for realization. And when the inspiration hits? “It might sound trivial, but inspiration is all-round. However, the most powerful source for me is history. I had a chance to explore costume history and history of fashion in depth during my Master Fashion Studies, so this is where I like to come back. I can spend many hours at the library and archive to travel through the time,” says Laima.

Idea is the easy part though. Production process is the part that consumes most of the time. “Everything starts with prototypes.” Achieving perfection is a never-ending process of trying out different materials, colors, patterns and production methods. That’s how you know you’re buying more than a fashion accessory, you’re falling for a someone’s passion and creativity.