Ruffles & Tulle

There is nothing more feminine, soft and sophisticated than ruffles. Adding a pinch of pastel colours takes it into a whole new level. Tulle is an artsy element reminding us of ballerinas. Both ruffles & tulle are an important part of contemporary trends, even when it comes to an indie fashion scene. 

Molly Goddard

London rebel Molly is a synonym for quirky, fashion-forward designer. We enjoy her play with dark colours and soft materials, or soft colours with heavy materials. Her collections reminds us of a very stylish witch. We bet Helena Bonham Carter would love Molly’s designs. Molly Goddard  has the guts.



Yana Besfamilnaya

Same materials, simmilar colours, yet Yana is the perfect opposite of Molly. Her designs are soft, refined and romantic. She is able to reveal just the righ amount of skin without bringing anything sexual about it.


Daizy Shely

Most of us is still probably stuck in a summertime sadness, but Daizy Shely will immediatelly change your mood. In her latest collection, she  narrates the story of a fairytale in winterland, full of chiffon, tulle and pastels, but also dark green and purple. Add a bit of colourful furs and featers and you have the perfect storyline.


The Nude London

Sleek, playful and with a hint of vintage sentiment. The Nude London presents romantic sillhouettes, sheer and light materials with hippie souls that coul easily fit in Parisian streets.