Summer Pillow Talk

Summer is a season of color, sun, flowers, fresh juicy fruits, turquoise skies and clear blue seas. It is not otherwise in interior trends. Summer interior is moved by bright light colors and flowery and geometric shapes. Think of sun, lemons, pineapples and sunflowers, pink roses, purple lilacs, red berries, green apples, turquoise sea and navy blue waters. It is all about the colors that will bring summer into your house even on a cloudy and rainy day.


Think in terms of accessories. Sometimes it is just about small changes and special articles that will transform your living room or bedroom style. For this summer, we talk of pillow talk. Pillow covers are statement pieces that are must for your interior. It is all about repeated geometric prints in soft but vivid summery colors. Geometric shapes on your pillows do not even have to particularly match, let them be chaotic and disorganized. Combine different shapes and prints and feel free to add a pillow cover in a flower print to bring in some distraction. Experiment with shapes and do not be afraid to cover your sofa in pillows, the more the better and think of the comfort!

So let your imagination wander around, get inspired from your summer days and bring it into your home.

Pictures: H&M home,, Pinterest a